Saturday, October 27, 2012

This and that to fill in the gap!

I can't leave this big break in posts and look back at it years from know wondering WTH - where was I during this time and what the heck was I doing?

Busy and tired, but keep plugging along. The culprit: work. Too bad I didn't hit the big one in Vega$! I did step out of my comfort zone and played black jack with my husband and we walked away from our gambling a bit up. Don't fear Vega$ tourist bureau, we left our donation! We stayed at a fabulous place, ate at an obnoxiously expensive restaurant so we could say we had, walked I don't know how many times up and down the strip during the day and night because the weather couldn't have been any better, and went to a couple shows.

It's been a bountiful year for c0pperhead snakes! They are always around, but this year has been horrible. My puppy was bitten and I was right by her when it happened. I freaked out, but had the presence of mind to immediately grab her and get her to the ER. Thankfully she has recovered, but it was a horrible experience for all of us. My husband has probably killed 10 of them this past month alone. (Sorry animal lovers, but they come back (if they even leave) and have more babies the next year.) My yard is not doing me any favors, but not sure what to do about it other than consult with wildlife c0ntrol which I have scheduled.

Like a lot of people, I'm a fan of p1interest. I find a ton of recipes (yep, even made a few) and crafts. I've been doing some projects here and there when I can find the's picture proof!
 Next month it will be 7 years since I was banded. Where does the time go?!


Lap Band Gal said...

Good to hear from you :) Wow. 7 years?! That's awesome

mia poe said...

Welcome back. I'm glad we have something to read from you. Pinterest sure is a great help. A lot of ideas for projects and recipes. I'm also addicted to it.
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speck said...

I was going to respond to the snake thing first(because it flips me out lol) but 7 years banded!!!

Good for you! That's awesome.

Back to those snakes. I WOULD DIE!

I am so happy you got pooch but that's a little to close for comfort if you know what I mean.

Good to see your post.


FitBy40 said...

SO glad you're back...and happy Bandiversary!

Sam said...

Oh man, so glad I don't have to contend with snakes like that :S congrats on the seven years too :o)

cristy fermin said...

That's what I called awesome. I'm glad I found your blog. Really? Snakes? Oh man, That's the most scariest thing I've heard in my entire life.

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