Monday, April 16, 2012


Saturday went like this:
  • Get up at 5am to get my husband out the door for a flight. 

  • Attempt to go back to sleep, which was a complete failure.

  • Think about how I'd like to go to camp, but need to take the day off because I can't be trusted to take it easy enough with my race tomorrow.

  • Start wondering what the weather is really going to be like...changes every 15 mins here.

  • Review and finalize my race play list.

  • Check weather. Hmmm, warm - race start at 71?!

  • Charge devices.

  • Select final oufit - version 1.

  • Check weather.  Warm, windy, and potentially storms.

  • Run and get rain poncho. Add to outfit - version 2.

  • Starting to freak out about weather. Delayed reaction I guess. The wind is looking like it could be 20 mph. Good grief.

  • At the moment, my hair is kinda long, but not long enough for a ponytail. Rain is going to have it hanging in my face, so I decide I need a visor. Run to athletic store. SCORE! Clearance one. Add to outfit - version 3.

  • Nails look kinda raggedy. Run to store again to get these:
  • Check weather...o.m.g.

  • Do nails. 

  • Decide that I am going to have to suck it up and wear shorts. Change outfit - version 4.

  • Because of the bean incident, make some homemade chili.

  • There might have been a small one of these:
  • Weather, repeat. Weather, repeat. You get the drift, but I want that dang medal!

  • What happens? Tune back in to my next post....cause I need more time to write it up!


Lap Band Gal said...

Wow! can't wait to hear the rest :)

Andrea said...

Haha, that sounds like something I would do!

Dawnya said...

LOL...this has got to be interesting. Include of picture of that medal. I know you went to that race. You couldn't resist.

Cat said...

Cannot wit to read the rest!

Cat said...

*wait. Haha typo.