Sunday, May 03, 2009


I've been in a funk. After the surgery and the complication and a long separation (which is still going) from my guy, I just landed in a funk. I'm not sure why. A few things that I have thought of:
  • Surgery and while I didn't 'want' kids I always thought it would be my body going through menopause rather than a hysterectomy that would make that decision for me. (Yep, I know adoption is always an option, but unless you have been through this it is hard to describe the emotions, etc.)
  • Complication - the on-going discomfort kept me from getting back on my schedule of at least exercising by working out.
  • Anxiety because of separation from my guy. Is it real? Will it work out? When will he change his mind? (Yes, I have some baggage, but I am hoping it is carry-on size.)
  • Bottom line - I went into a funk which really was a bit of depression. (Have been severely depressed in the past - medication, etc. - so knew the signs.
So what did I do? I looked for something to get me going. I decided that a new gadget might help me and I got myself a GoWear fit - It's essentially just like a BodyBugg, but much cheaper. (Essentially same functionality, made by the same company, etc.). I've had it since about mid-April and I'll post separately on it, but here's some things I learned:
  • I get a much better workout at the gym than outside. (I think I just work harder because of all the people around.)
  • I have confirmed what I knew. I have the metabolism of a sloth. I guess you could look at it with a positive slant which is my body is extremely energy efficient and doesn't burn much. It's a green body. HA!
  • It does kinda suck wearing it all the time on my arm, so I think long term it may be something that I wear just when I am working out.
  • It was worth the money. I am back on track and overall I am feeling much better.
Geez - I have to get caught up on everyone's blogs! (Hey, if any of you are thinking of getting a BodyBugg or a GoWear Fit and have questions, please let me know. I'm happy to share my experience and opinion.)

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Jody V said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling down. A friend is having the same operation this morning. I hope you feel better soon and things work out the best with your guy.

I love your comment on your body being green though!! I thought it was hysterical.