Wednesday, April 08, 2009


First - Thanks for the good wishes!

Nope it wasn't an infection. All the lab work came back negative. I am having some tests today and tomorrow to be sure that there isn't any damage to anything in my urinary track (bladder, etc.). I am sooo excited! Uh, not, but at the end of the tests it will either confirm that there is something up or that it is residual and nothing is wrong that needs to be done. The positive is that by the end of the week I should know and then can just move on. I am looking forward to that for sure!

I have been weighed at multiple doctor's offices and of course every weight has been different. I bit the bullet and weighed in today. Last time I weighed in I was 141 lbs. (I was less than that prior to the surgery, but I am going to conveniently forget about that. HA!) Today, 142 lbs - And, I'll take it! I haven't been doing any exercise, so I am happy with this.

Not exercising has affected me. I feel like I have less energy and honestly I just feel FAT! Something about working out for me addresses all that and I feel energized and healthy. Oh - and my sleeping isn't as good as it is if I'm working out either. If everything goes well this week, I'm back at it on Monday---not psycho, but build up working out. (I have taken some strolls around the lake, but definitely not exerting myself.)

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Melanie said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'd kill to be 142lb - you are NOT fat. I do understand the feeling fat though. Take care, Melanie