Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yes, I went back to the doc. I was totally stressed out. This has never happened to me at the doctor. They couldn't tell I was until they hooked me up to the blood pressure do hickey. I actually found it to be pretty funny. They of course asked what was wrong and I said I am not sure. Everything in this room is stressing me out and so is this machine!!! I eventually got over it and all was good.

I have really bad allergies, so I couldn't figure out if my throat was sore from that or reflux. I did stick to soft foods, which totally sucked, but wanted this resolved. I also said that I don't want a fill right now. Just see if I am fixed. I will come back if I am hungry or start putting on weight.

Did the fluoro standing up and voila!!! Itty bitty pouch. I even said, "oh look how cute. A little itty bitty pouch. I love it." They cracked up!

Official weigh in stats:
Starting weight: 234 lbs
Current weight: 145.5 lbs
Overall loss: 89.5 lbs (wow, almost 90 lbs)
Lbs to goal: -4.5 lbs


Sandy said...

Hi Fluffy,
Wow I feel like I finished reading your life story (at least the last year and almost a half of it!). It's truly inspirational as all your other blogger friends have said). I found you by doing a google search about lap band recipes and cookbooks. Your recipes came up and I started reading your whole blog. Took me two days but I love your writing style and I was compelled to know everything from start to finish.
I have a lap band (since May 15th of this year)and am struggling to get going on this journey. Your structure has been encouraging and will help move me along. I just had my first fill three weeks ago (my doctor wait until at least 8 weeks out before he approves it) and I only felt less hungry and less cravings for 1 week. And that was at a 1.5! I don't want to be reliant on the fill to move me along but I have barely lost 15 lbs and it's been 5 months. I just saw my surgeon today and he said to wait another month before he approves another fill but how am I supposed to stay on 900 calories without being hunger if I can eat a lot and feel like I barely have any restriction and don't feel full? Sorry I'm venting here and this is so long but I felt that you would get me in all this.
Also, in case you haven't already checked it out, there's a great website at That's where my profile is under 'crogal' if you want to check out my journey so far and can email me if you wish. However since you are far from obese now (YAY!!!) I would get if you didn't but a while back you asked about some blog forums and they have a great lap band one.
So a huge congratulations to you. I hope you're continuing to do fabulously. Keep it up!!
admirably yours,
Sandy from SoCal

Anonymous said...

I am just about to begin my own lapband effort and I found your blog. I really appreciate the effort you've put into this and I'm finding it honest and helpful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog.

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