Wednesday, November 16, 2016

11 Years!!

Another year! I'm still over running and only do it as part of my workouts and I haven't done anything about my port! At this point my surgeon has retired (shocking), but I can't even remember the last time I went in. I don't recommend this at all, but for me my band is empty and just there. Unless I start showing some adverse symptoms like chronic heartburn, etc. there just doesn't seem to be a need. I continue to workout 5 times a week religiously. I just treat it like a job and something that has to be done. It's not always easy to do and there are plenty of days I don't want to, but I suck it up. I continue not to weigh frequently. It just doesn't work for me and I easily get obsessed. I get dunked a couple times a year and have stayed between 15-18 percent body fat and go by my clothes. At this point I'm pretty in tune with my body and can tell when I'm getting "fluffy". When I feel that way, I clean up my diet. I do track what I eat to ensure that I'm eating enough and my macros are good. It definitely keeps me on track. Guess that's about it for another year! Take care.


Amy said...

I have an empty band and port as well. It has been a year and I got pregnant, had a baby and then stress ate through my first 6 months of her life. ACK! Still working on getting back down to where I want to be.

Catherine55 said...

Eleven years -- wow! So nice to know that you are doing well and maintaining both your weight loss and your fitness levels. You are truly an inspiration. Glad to know you!

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